Shepherd's Shelter Ross Rehab

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Shepherd’s Shelter/Ross Rehabilitation is the vision of Director Wayne Ross, who was once a homeless person and alcohol and drug abuser. Through a spiritual experience, he found new hope and his life turned around.

After marrying, he and his wife wanted to dedicate themselves to helping the homeless in Lexington, Kentucky. However, they soon found that many of the homeless they encountered also had drug or alcohol problems. This observation led Pastor Wayne to change his emphasis to addiction recovery. 

​He transformed his homeless shelter into a drug and alcohol treatment center. But before long the two small houses that served as the male and female quarters ran out of space.

About Us 

Pastor Wayne discovered a former nursing home facility in Mt. Sterling, Kentucky. It offered the perfect floor plan for a drug rehab facility so he purchased it. Through the help of local patrons, he was able to establish this property as a 56 bed facility. He re-established his work in Mt. Sterling, continuing it as a 501c3 faith based organization in 2007. Shepherd's Shelter has operated for 7 years on a donations plus the modest fee ($750 per month) paid by residents. The Shepherd’s Shelter Program is committed to treating the whole person.

Pastor Ross is a Registered Addiction Specialist II as well as his Clinical Supervisor certification.

Shepherd’s Shelter is a certified Recovery Dynamics facility, which is the national standard in recovery treatment curriculum among law enforcement facilities throughout the country.

Shepherd’s Shelter distinguishes itself in that it requires residents to be drug tested randomly and often. The facility has collaborated with Lab Tox , Ltd., a nationally recognized and highly reliable drug testing firm as their partner in this area.  
 We are A.O.D.E. KY State Licensed.