Shepherd's Shelter Ross Rehab


Recovery Dynamics  

This program is based on AA and literature such as the Big Book, 12 Steps and 12 Traditions in connection with programs and activities that are patterned after AA.

Criminal Thinking 

This program offers intensive instruction on the criminal mind and its connection with addictive behaviors. Residents learn to identify criminal thinking in their own lives and how to change that behavior.

Relapse Prevention 

This program is designed to increase client’s awareness and range of choices concerning their behavior to develop specific coping skills and self-management abilities, and to create a general sense of manageability to their life.


This is the process by which new clients are integrated into the group by learning interpersonal and interactive skills that conform with the values of society. By this process the clients learns to live within the expectations and standards of the group.


Clients receive personal and group counseling session 2-3 times per week where they explore errors in thinking that keep them sick as well as how to make positive changes that can lead to successful thinking and living.