Shepherd's Shelter Ross Rehab

New Beginnings

Shepherd's Shelter is an adult substance abuse program located on a beautifully landscaped property on a tree dappled hill overlooking Mt. Sterling, Kentucky. The treatment center program is focused on treating the whole person. Treatment team members strive to understand and treat each individual on medical, psychological and social levels.

Often, adults who enter our program have either not fully developed or have lost the healthy life and coping skills they need to function effectively. Using a rehabilitation model of treatment, our staff blend therapeutic approaches to teach and coach the use of adaptive skills. We also work with the resident to regain their sense of self and help them rekindle their potential and manage their symptoms. Individualized treatment planning and treatment are essential to this program.

A customized treatment plan allows each patient to capitalize on individual strengths while they work on targeted symptoms among peers and experienced clinical staff. Shepherd’s Shelter utilizes the RECOVERY DYNAMICS treatment curriculum along with more traditional spiritual and emotional interventions. The RECOVERY DYNAMICS curriculum is based in the Alcoholics/Narcotics Anonymous 12-Step and is coupled with a dual foundation in the Christian faith. All of our classroom instructors have completed a training program and are certified to teach in the RECOVERY DYNAMICS curriculum.

In all cases, Shepherd’s Shelter emphasizes the teaching of life management skills, coping strategies, and social rehabilitation. Patients learn how they can function more effectively within their community, as part of their family and for themselves. The treatment goals are to form personal and peer alliances that will empower patients to take responsibility for their recovery, minimize relapse potential and focus on life skills.